Saturday, 13 September 2014

finally I came back to blog. hehe
too long never blog, but cannot blame me
cuz people that know me will know that I'm too lazy.
for people that dont know me, you have no rights to judge.

actually not very as compared to last time.
cos this time its like almost all computer work.
dunid go workshop and breathe in all the crap.
so, I'll live longer...

so, I ton-ed for quite a few days,
and some is meet frens do work,
but it turned out NOT PRODUCTIVE. we all know it.
but because we catch-up after like quite long not meeting,
so its okay. we sacrificed our schoolwork. hahaha.

changi airport is actually a good place to study. seriously.
but not for people like me and my friends, 
cause we ended up finding more food and doing more work.
and yes, we went all 3 terminals. LOL

but in the end, I more or less completed my work after ton-ing more.
however, there's still gen ed and pics submission. fml idw do la.
gen-ed is a waste of my time.
I find no point for sp to make it compulsory, when people dont even give a damn.

This is one of my submission, I have to act because I was late when they were discussing. 
can see my pores.
and the video was taken when like after nights&nights of ton-ing,
which I can fall asleep anytime...
In conclusion, not bad alr. 
coz I'm not used to the camera. (camerashy)

Anyway, this few days I was just relaxing after submission,
and also, I didnt check my internship mail. FML.
Later all dw me :O
idw go watsons/singapore casket :(

Yesterday, I went to buy present for my dad
and finally met up with the WHOLE CLIQUE.
except for the forever busy jiamin.. 

This might be the last full clique meeting until very long later.
coz this guy, is going army. 
yea, this guy, film a video,
11minutes, 4gb video.
and claims his phone is better than a DSLR.
but he's forgiven coz he's disappearing for 2years :(

okay, I tried uploading it, but failed. idk why, but failed.
I will somehow upload it. I hope.

So, we ate steamboat tgt, and had a party at irene's house
with family pack venezia treated by NICHOLAS.
and took like manymanymany photos,
which ended up only 3 got saved.

yea, I took photo too, even though me has got problem with camera. hahha
Idk why, but i think I look weird in all pictures.
or issit because i'm not used to seeing myself in pictures?

I kept reminding nicholas about him going in, and cutting botak.
Sounds bad, but ohwell, he's going in.
Its once in a lifetime. (hopefully)
then I have no more chance to say it.

I'm crying while typing this.
AHA. you believed?
nah, I'm not.
he's just going to the army, a process that all guys need to go through.
just 2 years..

Wish him luck inside, dont kena ahneh as buddy.
and come out be better and more matured.

okay, next.
my dad's birthday.
I feel bad coz I just bought him a gift,
and everything goes as per normal at home,
everybody doing their own things.

Supposed to go sentosa,
I charged my camera,
I set alarm at 2,
I woke up at 4,
but idk why nvr go also.

He even bought insurance for me on his birthday,
which is more expensive than his gifts. LOL.
Idk what to say. lolol...
it's like, my family's birthday all not big issue de.
ownself organise, ownself find things do etc.
else, everything is normal.
unlike families that celebrate together etc.
we only celebrate when a birthday falls on SATURDAY,
or the main character ownself plan lol.

2 more years and I'm 20.
20 years old does'nt seem old,
But having to lived for 20years seemed long.
I would be no longer in my teens,
and yet I have no idea on my future.
I think fast and react fast, but I cant make decisions.
I take long time making decisions, and then regretting it still.
I'm like getting slower and more useless as I grow.
In the past, I was better. LOL.
sometimes, I just wished that everything could rewind.
Making the choices that I know will benefit me now, at least.
Or the world would really end.
Life is unfair... if you know what I meant.

Also, I have been eating non-stop
and stopped exercising.
at least I walked the long distance to my class if I have school
But now its just. eat, sit, sleep.
and the number on the weighing scale is going up too! =.=
my brother is now taller than me, but lighter than me -.-

easier said than done.
5am. sleep.
I'm getting more pimples. FML..

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