Saturday, 13 September 2014

I wanted to continue but i realise im lazy...
So.... half written la... hahaha
Not that i never blog k, its just all in drafts
all halfway
coz i get bored of topics halfway and want to start a new one..


Watched quite a few movies these days because of awesome free tickets!
Everything that is free is awesome. Just take it first.
Cause even if you dont want it, you get to decide what you want to do with it.
Even if you waste it, you wont feel that wasted.
If you get what I mean
Not all movies are free though
Some are paid
Kind me shared my free tickets with my friends
Share the price of the extra ticket too
Why did I? aishhh... provide free ticket still need pay..
But its okay, once in a while :)
But most of the time I stay home to watch la
Cheap and comfortable, can pause anytime, can eat and do own things

My whatsapp photos cannot be uploaded to my com
Dont ask me why

The following is based on my own opinions
If you think its good, or you like it, I cannot stop you
Different movies are catered to different people

Recently, went for a movie marathon.
Woohoo! Literally going in and out of it till the person tearing the ticket knows us.
And everytime watch movie with this person, it will always be picnic in the cinema.
KFC meesiam cheecheongfun popiah etcetc

Watched 3 movies in total
Mr peabody & sherman
300 rise of empire

Mr peabody & sherman
Not bad
Cartoon that talks about a genius dog that builds a time machine and his adopted human son
He teaches the son history by travelling back in time and talking to the historical person itself
He not suppose to tell anyone about the time machine
Until one day, theres this zha bor that made him tell her about it and bring her on it
Then disaster

A town that separates people into groups by their personalities
Divergents are special and others are afraid of them
This girl will hide her identity as a divergent and go into on of the groups
One of the group wants to control everybody and destroy other groups
Then this girl was found out to be divergent and everybody want to kill her

300 rise of empire
From the start till the end, it was warwarwar
Greeks vs pakistans
In part 1,
A guy from the greeks side, leading only 300men, killed the king of pakistan
So in this part 2,
The pakistans took revenge, started a war
Then the greeks have no choice but to fight.
So they fight fight fight for the entire movie
But theres alot of bloody scenes

Walking with dinosaurs
It is really literally walking with dinosaurs
Just that you will be sitting on the cinema chair
Its about dinosaurs walking from one end to the other end to pass the season
One day, they got attacked, and the leader die
They compete to see whoes the leader
Somehow the older brother of the ex-leader won
But he no brain and dont want to listen to his younger brother
So they all got into trouble
And the little one saved them all
If you like dinosaurs, you will like this la
Coz they teach you about different dinosaurs too

Everybody's business
Very good
I personally like comedies
And this is quite funny
It talks about toilets la
Problem of public toilets, and how government handle them
And the story revolves mostly around this kopitiam and the ministry of toilets that they set up

Police story 2013

Still got
Devil's due
Lion men
Huat ah Huat ah
Golden chickeness
But i lazy alr la... hahhaa

I used to have a lot of free movie tickets coz my dad's friend working dk where got free
but he said that his friend stopped working, so i have no more free tickets... NOOOOO

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