Saturday, 13 September 2014


Supposed to meet lowei to get pdl, but he overslept. aish.
went to school to just print and pin my researches, then off to bbdc 
alighted at gombak and actually cabbed thr, knn end up so near only.
Ya, thats what I go all the way back to school to do.
and yes, I have passed my btt. woohoo, so heng.
And this stupid paper cost 25$ sia ! its like just paper !
why bbdc de paper all so ex one? fk.
And yea, since lowell didnt wake up, and I have no plans, so I decided to finally get my visa.
Then xw was in "happy mood" so she met me at clementi to have lunch. 
I think this is the first time me and xw tgt alone ba? if I not wrong. 
normally is with others..

Since we have no plans, we decided to buy laoban, FOR OURSELVES,
and attack (ok i cannot think of a better word at 3+am now) nicholas house.
and so heng he woke up after 2/3 calls.

then everybody except evan gathered here because we didnt know what to do.
Supposed go WWW de. but cancelled AGAIN . fk
coz of weather. the weather also very wild and wet.
Had dinner together and parted our ways..
hopefully we could really go WWW someday. 
I need some excitement in my life ! life is so boring..

ok, as I said, its alr 3+am
tml sch at 9. 
shall continue my backwards blogging soon.
coz theres nth much abt sch as all the complains all on my twitter alr.

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