Monday, 29 September 2014

Evan's 20th

Slutchua's birthday
Was invited to join evan's birthday by yihui, jialing that group
such sudden, but ohwells, very long never see them too
Its a meeting for dinner
Met nicholas first to walk around, but guess what we did?
yes we ate.

went somerset after that to really walkwalk
went in frank to see and such coincidence they were having a promotion
free signup, free card designs, and free notebook
so we just sign up la
FREE leh!
everypage of the notebook is their card design. such cool
went to meet the rest, bought cake
and then brought lowell over to make the card too lolol
but ah ocbc de things to do for the acc very complicated (to me)
I like easy interface and user friendly

Anyway, we went to
asked the staff to hide the cake
and waited for evan
he didnt expect me and nich to be there
suchslut (jks, is coz usually we dont join that group)

ordered fish and chips
3 out of 6 ordered fish and chips
and its not nice (to me)

The rest drank beer except for me and nich
Nich such poor thing whole night kena army thing
need us help talk on the phone (pro lowei)
talk whole night but end up still need go back in that night
go back for?
he has medical appointment and mc too
you might think its important stuff for him to rush back (even aft 12)
he just need to go back TO SLEEP AND EAT BREAKFAST
then book out nxt morning at 6/7am smlj

Anyway, the staff at oriole ah, told us "oh you still have de cake"
when the cake is suppose to be a surprise zzz
but he did apologise la..

evan's last birthday outside within the 2 years before going in
see he such sad

Take his picture need flash / torch / candle de sial
spot evan's eyes

look at the chao bin

People's birthday face so black
This is from polaroid

goodjob lowei imitate evan's eyes
Now i cannot differentiate which is evan which is lowei

siala, now got 6 evans
guess who's the real one

After that went to queue for llaollao because the bday boy wants to eat
While queuing, he opened his present and said he has 3 watches as bday gift
LOL life of an army boy
all buy for his army one

Happy birthday cai ge
stay safe, stay happy, stay visible
goodluck inside


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