Tuesday, 23 September 2014


Met the cf bitches for farewell for isabel (i just like to spell it this way)
Went holland V from school with andrea
and Isabel went there from serangoon
And then, the one that stays at queensway with direct bus, was late for 45 mins
Walk around almost the whole holland v and cannot settle where to eat
(knn why almost all de shops need climb stairs?)
They asked for my opinion and first time I have something else other than "sui bian"
OMG!!! damn long nvr eat alr
but keep got rejected. they kept asking, and keep rejecting me

Settled at
order at 2nd flr, seats at 3rd flr, collect at 2nd flr
Refill ice water also at 2nd flr btw.
sry i cheapskate so cafe drink ice water

Ordered shimeiji oyster aglio olio
taste mehhh...
I paid $17

The isabel bitch like a happy mood, wan eat cupcake
we went everywhere to eat it
everytime we settle down, the "dessert" will be cupcake. 

opposite hv
issit still part of hv? mollayo.
Ate cupcake after this too

The pose was copied from
Hahas coz i was imitating her for snapchat coz i think i went mad from studying
Then i forget ss.
aish. it was a nice pic. wasted la sial

Anyways, we went to walkwalk then parted to go to our respective activities
(if not who else meets in the afternoon right?)
at least not me (us)

Bye isabel, have fun in UK
Dont be a hungry ghost when you are back k

Took a bus to audrey's house
at some jalan rasok place at kranji
knn damn ulu, no cab/car cant go in
got also the cab driver will get lost inside. lolol
like a jungle maze ymy
anyways her house damn big, damn rich. got lounge and all bigger than my house alr. lol
got lift somemore, and coffee machine. smlj

Celebrated nicole's birthday too

Apparently all of us wore black / almost black / very dark colors
look like some mafia gang
got me = guai alr 
how can be mafia?

bye audrey have fun in UK and bring angmoh bf back!

Went home in cab coz there's people that want to cab till tiong
anyway also cfm need cab to get out alr, just yolo la
then the uncle got lost. lololol
in the jungle

Got home late and test the nxt day
ended up falling asleep
lucky nvr chiong alot or what, just read through
the test is only 2 ques and even if u refer, nobody knows
its bad but... 
aiya ! whatever la.
I never refer alot too

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