Friday, 19 September 2014



Recent supper from spize

Finally went to
Tried many times to go but it was always full even for reservation
Sluts came to find me for gym, but ended up ate more and exercised less
Made reservation at bigmama, earliest 915, and when we went, it was full hse.
Side dishes

Had this signature dish, Dakgalbi
Its chicken with cabbage and sauce and idk what else
The chicken is damn nice but lowei cannot take spicy

 They fry it infront of u

At the end, can order fried rice, additional $3
With the left over sauce, they fry the rice with it at your table

Budae jjigae
Army stew
Lots of different rubbish inside
Not very impressive, but spicy
And Lowei cannot take spicy

Kimchi Jeon
Kimchi pancake la
Not impressive to me too, maybe coz i dont like to eat flour?
But its full of seafood and kimchi, so i think quite worth it compared to outside?
Its the least spicy out of the 3 we ordered,
therefore lowei's favourite

End up we ordered this beef soup for lowei if not he very poor thing
Not bad la.. but the soup is very sweet,
making me "steal" the seaweed from the side counter for staff to fry the rice de, to add inside soup
Cant say much about the meat coz i didnt eat the beef

I went once before in the past
I think the food like not that impressive alr lehhh
maybe the bigmama is not there?
This 4 dishes cost more than $100 (i forgot the exact figure)

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