Saturday, 13 September 2014

So tired
but school is tomorrow
thoughts of it already makes me sick
why must I go back
do things like a robot
so many things supposed to do during holidays
but, its called HOLIDAYS for a reason
therefore I did not do anything

Last term before graduating
I know I ought to do my best before I regret
But, I just cant.
I just cant find the motivation and effort
Its all too rushed. 
I dont really liked my projects
It all comes out last minute, for its too rushed

Wanted to blog many times.. 
but the thought of watching dramas without moving a muscle, stopped me
this shows how lazy I am. 
What to do? why was I born this way?
Is life all laid out the way it is,
or is it I need to work harder for it to turn out the way I want.
But, what is the way I want?
I myself dont even know it
Whenever people ask me what I want in the future, 
I have no idea too.
Living for 20 years, yet I dont know.
Time flies. really flies.
In a blink of an eye, I would be 40 already
20 years into life and I have not found my passion, what I like.
Feel so useless, no point in living.
Why must human all live life working hard, and all ends up dying anyway
Even if you are the president, or a beggar, everybody would die one day
So many things to try out before dying, but nobody wants to do it with me
I cant do it alone, because I would end up being lazy anyway

After this term, I would graduate.
But, I dont know what to do.
Most probably go to a university?
Most probably local.
Most probably private.
Why? because my gpa cmi.
why did I choose this course in the first place?
not my interest. and difficult to score.
What course would I take in uni?
I was thinking 2 areas.
Business, IT.
Business, has a more secured future I would say.
Like even if you are out of job or what, you can set up your own business.
IT, cyber forensics, coding, hacking, seems so cool.
Technology is getting more and more advanced.
All the information is being recorded inside a computerized device.
More and more companies would look into ways to protect their information.
Therefore, being in IT might have a good future too.

But its all gambling. 
Nobody knows what would happen in the future. 
Sigh pie.

School is tomorrow. 
Will blog soon on my trips.

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