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Long post ahead
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First day of school
Did nothing much
Life sucks going to school
Holidays are so peaceful

I actually fell asleep while watching running man
but woke up in 1/2 hours

Went for buffet at Vienna, for my dad's birthday
Its supposed to be paid by me, but of course he offered to pay

Happy birthday
Skip the cheesy parts cause I'm not good in expressing myself
Anyway this buffet is around thomson area

One stupid thing there is, no photography allowed
I seriously dont understand why too
But still, I tried taking photos
and got stopped of course
in English, and Chinese
Cause I ignore the first time and they thought I didnt understand
 The empty area with lemons is for oyster btw
Risked my face and took only 3
The waiter followed me around
This is automatically served once u seat down
Its just chicken soup la
which some herbs and one slice of abalone? chicken, mushroom
Its free flow inside though, can take it if you want more
Free flow drinks and juices
I tell u the oyster ah, you never snatch dont need eat already
Its all gone within 10-20 seconds it comes out
That explains the empty area of ice in the picture above
This chawanmushi not bad
got clam somemore
The testtube juice
I used to take the whole testtube holder and get scolded
They wont see me again anyway
Even if they see me, they wont possibly remember me
Its just juices lor
the cup juices in a cooler version
 Crab - Scallop - Abalone
 Soba - SaladPrawn - ColdTofu. EggMayoSalad - Scallop - Abalone - Sushi - forgotwhatsbelowscallop
CrabDongFen - BreadedScallop - Scallop - Mussels - FriedDurian - Vegetables - Chawanmushi
HerbalPrawnSoup - LobsterOrCrabBeehooniforgot - Scallops - Lobster
Satay - SaladPrawn - Cocktails - Idkwhattheothersarebutjusteatonly

These are the few of the many rounds I ate
Of course, I got lazy to take photos
Especially when my hands are dirty

If you like crabs can go there la, quite alot variety of crabs
They change after it finishes too
The crabs not bad
Teppanyaki was salty though


 I went Chiangmai
And idk why need go JB to take the plane
Because there is no plane that goes from SG to CM or CM to SG
Like a paradise youmeiyou
The plane was budget la. Very.
Only one aluminium of food
But its better than nothing la
Heng the flight is short
And we got the seats all de way at the back
 Front from my seat 
Back from my seat

Judge for yourself how small uh
But the whole plane from same tour group la

Information from my mother's friend : 7 - 8 degrees
When we arrive : 27 - 28 degrees
Tour guide says its just nice the weather change
So it was hot, like singapore -.-
I brought alot of  long sleeve lehhhhhh !!!!
But its excuse to buy teeshirts la. hahaha

When we going back, on the last 2 days,
the weather suddenly changed to around 10 degrees
Damn shiok. Wanted to enjoy the cool breeze and natural weather
So I didnt wear jacket or what while my family and relative wrap like bazhang and shivering
This is my #ootd for the 10 degree day
Woohoo. so shiok
idk how to pose also la.
#nopose #fatme #sighpie

We were on a 2 days tour + 2 days free&easy
so we actually didnt really followed the schedule in the previous post
heng ah, if not how boring would it be to see see look look all day everyday?

Days on tour, of course we went temples after temples after temples
cause thailand ma
 This one outside the first temple
the milk green tea damn nice
photography youmeiyou
cause nothing to do ma, so just take photos lor 
what else to do?
This is their "cable car" up to one of the temple sia
Inside like lift, but got aircon
Such cool
Many different

Finally at night, went night market
And we ate supper
Didnt take pictures of the tour's food cause got other people
Everybody go there like hungry ghost, movement damn fast to take food
 Big prawn
 Idk whats this but apparently my friend told me its snail?
 Seafood platter
 Roast Pig
Vege - this one is damn nice till we ordered twice

We went some jewelery places too
of course all de aunties see damn long
and all de uncles trying to run away
 I ate this. Its cripsy and salty
Like fries without the squishy potato feeling
Sho many types
Wanted to take pic of each, but only managed to shot this before my battery died
Their durians are damn big.
Seriously big
Bigger than my head
Almost half of my body

After temple, of course its flowers
Say liao, kan hua kan cao (see flower see grass) 

Need pay extra dk how many baht to go up the mountain to see the opium flower
which is only a few flower only
kena scam
cause everyone thought going see the factory, and how opium is made etc
 Apparently, this is the opium flower
This is the flower of the plant which makes opium
 White opium flower
 White and pink 
I wonder how they make opium out of this
I got ALOT pictures of flowers -.-
Not only for this trip, but for other trips
My parents would ask my to take
Flowers and Plants
Can make a photo album on nature I tell you
Halfway to the mountain to see the opium flowers
After that, went to this place for buffet
Too lazy take pic of food coz I rather take the food

Then, to some place to see people make the paper umbrella
Making from scratch, the paper, wood, painting, all.
They even provide on-the-spot painting.
From clothes to phone to pants to umbrella to blabla
No problem. want what pattern also can
But, I got nothing I wan draw at that moment la.
They sell chio paintings there too
Very chio but difficult bring back sg uh
If not I will buy
This are photographs of it. Imagine the real painting.

Mum and aunties went massage
Wanted to go polish my teeth but didnt
Went starbucks instead. woohoo
Idk why cannot rotate this pic
but the starbucks cost $735!!!
and they have an offer, 
if you take the receipt and buy another time after 1pm,
you get it at 50%

scenery from the 3stories starbucks
14/15/16 degree if I nvr rmb wrong
Cos it was raining, we were stuck at the starbucks
 Nt enough time to go there
Moved down to 2nd flr coz too cold

Ohya the drinks there damn cheap
 Keep spam calpis coz its very ex in SG
Its like $2.50 for one can in SG
This bottle costs less than 50 cents
 This one also nice
 Nt as nice, but its worth the price ba
Drank alot of other things, woohoo
All the drinks are so nice and cheap
Spammed seaweed too, though my dad keeps saying cant finish
But of course I managed to finish it all la
Keep eating padthai too
There is this old fashion chinese food coffee shop near the hotel
The food is damn good and damn cheap
Where to find this type of place in SG you tell me..
Too little pictures coz I need use my camera very mafan. phone no memory -.-
This shirt cost only 50baht. 
wth if only my parents didnt rush off, I would have bought more
The quality not bad. Its comfortable. 50Baht!! 
Keep looking out for cheap stuffs then my aunties all say bojio.
They keep go missing and buy things that cost 100baht abv min -.-
Aren't you suppose to look for cheap things, then bargain when you go thai?
Not going to take pic of all my loots and post it
Cause its too mainstream

There is this shop selling something for 250baht, my mother bargain till 100
But still wan bargain till 80,
then the owner ignore her, go read newspaper

So we got nothing to do while waiting for the bus to come
I asked my cousin to film commercial
Since he wearing angry bird shirt
The angry bird drink is $1.50 in ntuc
But its only a few cents there
Its just a small can.
Take # 1
Take # 2 
because I say he never show his butt where the angry bird is

Yay, so we went to play height elements !
Actually more of flyingfox with little of other elements
So fun. woohoo!
Carried my DSLR all de way for nothing cos got no more battery
=.= heng my mother got bring camera
My dad signed up for everybody, so everybody needs to go
INCLUDING my aunties, mother, everybody
Its funny how they are scared but they have no choice
The instructors keep disturbing them too

"Fast or slow?"
"Slow is fast, fast is fast"
"Nooooo, cannot like that one! Slowly la!!"
"Slow not fun, how can slow? Faster better"
"No, I scared, I want to cry already"
"Dont scared, dont cry"
"Slowly ok"
"Say you love me first"
"Cannot anyhow say I love you one!!"
"Then I push you very fast"

*The conversation is in chinese la
Hahaha, see how fun the instructors are, keep disturbing one
This is just one part of the conversation
Still got alot

#Myfacelooksofatinthepictures #fatme #sighpie

Next up,
On the way back, we went to see tigers
 I know this is not a tiger
But there is Lion too
This lion keep roaring one
Sounds exactly like the starting of Tom&Jerry, where to lion roar sia
This one I'm talking about if you dont remember
Newborn tigers
Some are even smaller inside the incubator
But hand too short to take photos

Weird thing is,
the younger the tiger, 
the price to take photo with them is higher sia
But my father want take photo with the big one la..
Thats my father, luring all the tigers to him
He keep running around and kena scolded by the staff 
For the tigers all chase after him
I think the staff wants us to leave quickly so they gave us the medium tiger instead sia
Coz the tiger we took photo with wasn't as big as the big ones I saw
Only the kids went in with my father, except for the youngest cause he too young to go in
My hair very messy cos its right after wearing the helmet
and nobody tell me. tskk
The photos look retarded coz they just keep snapping without warning
You wont know where to look either coz no flash all
The tiger keep running around, so u have to look out of it too
The staff will of course go in front of you when the tiger come near la
The body damn warm, I'm thankful that it didnt peed or shit or fart when I'm lying on it
We all bought the same shirt
Together with my father and one of my auntie
Keep asking my mother to buy too
But she didnt, and she regretted
It became our tour shirt, wore this to malaysia too. 
Not scared go missing, everybody same "uniform"
The quality nt bad also.
Should buy one size bigger, more comfortable. 

Last day alr, sighpie
Woke up early for breakfast then go nearby shop awhile more, eat more
 Haha, Laozi drives tuktuk
Last meal in Thai
Wanted to eat, thn end up brought back to SG coz lazy open
Its okay, it became supper
 Seat number no point. Say sit back the seat when we came
I dont even remember what I did 5minutes ago =.=
But the person in the same row as me remembered me
I cannot understand. lolol
Strangers remember where I sat, while I dont.
Just nice sunset
But my seat no nice view
Wait till the plane drive till my seat got a good view, the sun go down alr 
Hao le, chiangmai trip ends here
Regretted not taking pictures of their streets and night markets although I went there few times
But because my hands are always full of street food when I was there ma!!!
Walk few step buy sth
Wonder how the Thais maintain their figure there
If I were to stay there, I would become a ball

Shall separate the rest into another post
Be patient
Patient is a virtue
Especially towards a blog of a lazy person

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