Saturday, 13 September 2014

#throwbehind °

Went to msia (finally)
With xwI yl
My oversea trip before sch start 
such sadness :((
Such coincidence we took the 孝你老母bus

Went to dragon-i to eat. 
Cheap and good food
always end up there after comparing with other places
Esp de tofu and xlb
 They also help u cut the noodles So easier to eat And what i love best is they have creative drink names like
 苹地一声雷 and 龙的传人
Its just fun ordering their drinks by their name
Of course both times i order de. Hahaha
Went to eat dessert at hui lao shan.
Hahaha 回老山siol
Ordered nothing faciful.
Coz the other time i did. 
Maybe i'll blog about it.. Someday...

Then went to play laser tag
Only 30rm for 2 games, 10mins ea
First round played within ourselves coz we humji dont dare hallenge ppl coz all first time.
Second time experienced alr, come la..
Actually is vs 2 guys but the shop woman xiaokan us. Scared we lose until jialat.
So we got separated.
A guy and yl and the shop woman 1 team
Another guy and me and xw 1 team
All 3 of us in the team beat all 3 of them
Goodgame. Such tiring.
Knn the shop woman say she pro, expert, thn last. Wts.. She damn easy shoot la. Always at open area one.

Waiting for a time whr the whole clique could go... How long more do i have to wait.. Hais..

shopped arnd (yanlin was stuck in watsons for xhours) and went for movie!! 
Woots its 12rm for night movie at cathay
Their food combos alot variety and damn cheap!!
From sg take bus to msia watch movie also cheaper than watching movie in sg..
Even the bus travelling in sg more ex than the bus to msia. Smlj sg

After movie wanted to eat. But wts. All last order alr.. Walao. Theres so many good food i've yet to taste before coming back..
Bobian buy auntie anne lor. Better than nth

Wan to be adventurous so we took bus to queensstreet instead of de usual kranji though it cost abit more. 
But wts end up need walk so far to go home though its nearer to our place.. 
Yanlin tot queensstreet is at queenstown/queensway area and keep agreeing to gg thr so she easier go home. Hahaha

Such wordy..

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