Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Hey hey! its my birthday #throwback
Removed the date from my facebook and many people forget
I see now
Anyways, birthday is just another day to me
Just that meetup with friends to eat free food,
get present from parents
thats it lor
my birthday boring one. whatever

My birthday is on monday, so monday blues
Monday is economics lesson, so economics blues

Maomao bought me 1 twelve cupcakes and breads
omg diulian
anyway thanks

Met clique after class at orchard coz we buffet at 630
Still have time so we wanted to walk around
Ended up ...

Theres more de but idk where ah
but aiya, forget take polaroid
if not can add to my cupboard door collection

Before going for buffet, my bro called me and said he wanted to come
I was like -.-
dk if should bring him anot, coz need go fetch him and all
but end up my dad fetch him over, and gave me my angpao la :D
and the condition over the phone is he pays for himself. hahaha
sry poor sister

SENKI buffet
not bad la
limited pictures coz all everybody cares about is just eating

Started with one big plate of sashimi

and chawanmushi

Complimentary fish head
(I think its just nobody orders la, all eat sashimi, left de head)
But it was nice. we had 2 heads (1 for lowei, 1 for the rest)

my didi had fun eating too
used his phone to call nich and he tot its from army or what
such serious

They paid for my meal, and bought me cake
and they chatted inside de group chat i was in. lolol

but ah, the photographer needs to improve la sial
see the pics..

They threw away the box, so we had to finish up the whole cake on top of the buffet
luckily the cake was nice
I tot breadtalk one will be mehh...
Taste like werther's originals de sweet
End result

Went to queue for 
after that
omg is our stomach some bottomless pit?

my llaollao

my didi with his llaollao
Sent my bro home / tiong bahru
knn got train fault, made us wait for arnd 30mins or more
wan go out but the queue for the refund damn long (sry cheapskate)
Finally reached and go ntuc shop with voucher
then made him take my things home before i head to 
he wanted to play but too bad nxt day he got school la
I also got school, but what is sleep to a person with a design diploma?

Evan (i forget the nickname)
Nicholas (i forget the nickname)
Xuewen (i forget the nickname)
Birthday girl (aka me)
Yes, i'm a pro in bowling
and maybe it's my birthday and i had luck with me
Bought food / drinks as usual while playing la

I think it's the day that we didnt rent shoes
( we = xw and me)
or issit not?
lol. coz the game started le ma...
then we just play in my shoes and her slippers lor
then end up walao the person went toilet, walked past our lane
so our nxt game / nxt nxt game she off out lights to stop our game
went to ask her about it, and we just ended our game
but she tries to persuade us to just pay $1 to rent shoes
(sry $1 ex for me)
so we just ended our game play
why would you rent a pair of shoes when u alr played a few rounds?
and did i walk home or bus home?
too many times going to safra alr these days
last time for pool, now for bowling coz the stupid pool closed down
and sometimes i just walk home and climb stairs.
yes, i exercise. im healthy

anyways I still have 50% and 30% for tcc
lai anybody want to buy

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