Monday, 10 November 2014

Study day

Study day
walao uni life is so stressful and hard
to the point that a person that doesnt study, like me, actually have a study day!
but now I practically TRY TO study a few days
butthen ah, its very difficult with all de distractions
no places to study
home very noisy

Every wed study session with childhood friend
first session, too much to catchup, end up not productive
packed up and ate
it looks spicy (but its a nonspicy soup base)
pork + prawn (if i not wrong)


Followed by dessert at
walao, blackball de portion used to be alot
now the bowl downsize
portion also
3 pathetic matcha balls cost arnd $1?
hey its just flour
and ya i like my blackball to be jellies
want to chew so much might as well eat chewing gum right?

Study session 2
andrea joined
spent the whole after figuring out one economics question and didnt figure it out
asked on social medias, with rewards, nobody knows anything too
After studying, went
idk why the andrea likes to pay so much for a soup
such rich
I went only thrice before, thrice with her around. lol
omg the salad suck (to me la)
the vege all like same family from bean sprout de
and got de taste
sry, i dont like bean sprout
but i still finished it
clam chowder with cold soba salad

anyways, the study session stopped very long alr
then i didnt study at all
such lost now

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