Wednesday, 18 March 2015


East Coast Park

Supposed to go cycling on sunday but some ppl never wake up
so postponed till today

Again, supposed to meet at 2 but.. hahaha
so anyways took 196 there, but realised got 16 go there also
Everybody brought a bag but idk their bag use for what one,
everything dont have

So after reaching, wow ECP like everything construction
went to borrow bikes from the shop nearest to the underpass where we came from
Its buy 1 hr free 1 hr + student discount
so we paid like $9 for 4 hours? 
and they dont keep ur IC so u can actually steal it?
jks, dont sabo say is I teach one

And my friend said that the bike he took is spoil because de brake is in front
until I realised...
HIS FRONT WHEEL WAS TURNED 180degrees (aka facing inside)
good job friend
why my friend lidat?

Cycled from ecp to bedok jetty and further up
all de way till changi beach along where de aeroplane landing place

Sry my sucky skill coz I dont dare to lift 2 hands anymore
my phone is got de front cover part de
so cannot take properly

Rested a few times going there though, while only once when coming back
*pats myself on my back*
although my butt and knee and legs hurts like hell

Cycled till my face damn red
I left my eyebrow at home today, 太 rushed 了 (too rushed) I forgot
 I know ok, dont need tell me

But on the way there, the same somebody bike chain come out but dk how to fix
so I helped
somemore must provide him wet tissue, sanitizer etc.
I knew there would be someone like that so I brought gloves
LOL, yes gloves to cycling coz idw to touch de chain and normally its me
I think I'm so helpful that I need to *give myself a pat on the back*

see its me
my gloves

On the way back, theres this angmoh that scolded my friends / + me,
saying that we are on the wrong lane
and he overtook us using the same wrong lane that he scolded us for
smlj wtf attitude

Cycled for I think got 20km or more?
Against the wind
wtf when we go, the wind against us
when we cycle back, the wind change direction too and go against us -.-

Almost fainted but I saved myself by gulping more than half a bottle of water
lolol, sry I weak + 2 hr sleep + never even eat + exercise + sun + cough till I wan die

Then went to return bike and went ParkwayParade to eat
ended up at the hawker though (prawnmee is nice / or i too hungry),
coz we dont wanna walk anymore
and theres a pasar malam there

Went to the mall to seesee awhile, then went home on my BUS 16
Good exercise though it hurts
and I realised I became damn weak omg
I used to be the first few, now I keep at the back
Its okay, leave no (wo)men behind
My pants became looser after cycling
You should go too

{spammed too much salonpas now my legs damn cold fml}
{dont say I never blog this year hor}

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