Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Nephew 1st


Went msia for 2nd nephew's 1st bday
I forget the date though, opps

Went to meet up with cousin first cause he stay nearer to the customs
Followed my auntie and went to eat at some restaurant?
I can tell you where if you want, but dont ask me how to go idk

Means the caishen is inside de wet towel?
Hokkien mee
Looks like sai but its very nice
 Some chicken thingy
 Vege, everybody says its good but not me

Cause this is with ginger and I dont like the taste
 And beansprout
If you know me you will know I dont like to eat it
If you dk me, now I tell you
 Crab tanghoon
See the claw so big and hard
wtf cannot even open with my teeth
 Salted egg crab
my mom tried to be funny and keep putting the mantou there
The mantous for the salted egg crab sauce
Its nice but its still early I has no appetite
My appetite only comes at night

After that my mom and aunties want to go walkwalk / back home
so me, my dad and cousins went city square for some laser tag
too bad it was full, need wait 45 mins
and 45mins we spent at the arcade, playing the basketball machine till tired
we has some magic hands
we only insert coins a few times
then it keeps have free credits
so we played unlimited
But when others try to press,
no matter how or how many times they try, 
they still must put money

Went laser tag and luckily the music was loud enough so my cough wont be heard
30rm for 2 rounds
40rm for 3 rounds
10 min per round
we played 30rm one coz my cousin never play before, scared they dont like
anyway, my dad paid so its free for us. lolol

Finally went to my sister's house for nephew's 1st bday

Was greeted by the sight of loklok van
woots, they called the van over
just like the other time when my other nephew was celebrating his 1st
Just that this time no bbq
{maybe I'll upload that (1st nephew 1st bday) soon if I havent}
{lol all my post damn overdued}
{aiya, #throwback la}

 ate alot although I was having sorethroat at that time

Got other cooked stuffs also la
but nothing special other than loklok van ma
where can you find it in SG?

So basically just went there and eat la

Then theres fireworks
so we played with it
Its not the fire sparkles in sg,
its the type that boom to the sky.

and some firecrackers which is damn loud and I never take any pics of la

While the smaller kids like my nephew plays with the sparkler
omg 2 yr old can play fire alr
although I'm in charge of looking after la
After playing, he went into the house and wants to drink sweet drinks
he saw one in the table which nobody knows whoes one
then he dk want to drink anot
keep take and act one drink but never drink coz dont dare
then his mother say just drink
he still shy
but still took a sip
and saw me taking a photo of his crime

How I wish I could go back being a kid like this

After that then finally cut cake
coz that 1st yr nephew needs to sleep alr
coz having fever 
coz growing teeth
such kelian 1st bday jiu sick
Family photo with one kid at the right that idk is who
 After he was gone, another little girl that idk is who cuts in
yes I know I very short here
Im not that short irl k
 forced to take one with my mother and sister and the bday boy
which explains my face
So resulted in taking more family photos without the birthday boy
without random kids
before we go home

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