Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Study stress

Usually, I dont really like to take photos
but when I do...

who look better?
I think I do to my bear better

trying to copy his eyes. alike ma?
very sunny issit?
here then got sun but never squint?
wtf is this, sry I cant copy that
Lemme join in
show teeth sibo
such long face
lai, emo together
awhile emo awhile happy, u moodswing sibo?
sry la dont pout, I not purposely say u one
give u a wink, sry my room no sunlight
no light will blind my eyes rather than leading me
My toy nicer isnt it?
See, she agree and wan high5 with me
Selling ur clothes sibo? $2 / piece? U think daiso ah
Sell until neck pain sibo? go daiso buy neck massager la
My dog better la, dunid to clean up shit
Such grin
Grin until mouth crooked sibo?
Mouth ok liao become eye ah?
Wear shades la... nobody will know about ur eye

I think studying makes me go mad la
even my friend dont believe is me

Then, I wanted to be a story writer
because my friends ganged up against me then dw reply me

u see my friend stalking me

enough throwing of my face for the year. 

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